The Past and Future of Labor Education

Brookwood Then and Now

Founded in 1921, Brookwood Labor College was considered the Harvard of organized labor. Brookwood saw the labor movement as an instrument for workers to achieve higher wages and better working conditions with the ultimate goal of a new social order free from exploitation and a good life for all. Unique for its time, the Brookwood faculty and student body were both co-educational and multi-racial. Between 1921 and 1937 Brookwood educated more than 600 students who went on to lead the largest organizing campaigns in U.S. history.  Hear more about the original labor college

Like the original Brookwood, New Brookwood Labor College is education for workers who want to advance the working class. With classes like Working Class History, People's Leadership, and Economics Where Workers Rule, New Brookwood is changing how we think about education by educating workers into–not out of–the working class. Join us to change the world!