Jamie Gulley

NBLC Board of Directors                       

President SEIU Healthcare Minnesota

Jamie Gulley was elected President of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota in 2012. Since joining SEIU in 2002, Jamie has led some of its most important victories, organizing more than 30,000 new hospital, nursing home, and homecare workers and leading negotiations for a $15 minimum wage in all Twin Cities hospitals and clinics. 

In 2017 Jamie wrote a paper about the original Brookwood Labor College which was the impetus for creating the working group to form New Brookwood Labor College. He now site on the Board of New Brookwood Labor College. Jamie believes in the power of union organizing for advancing the working class and is enthusiastic about education to move the labor movement forward. 

Jamie graduated from the National Labor College and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Labor Studies at University of Massachusetts Amherst. He lives in St Paul with his wife and four daughters. 

Email: Jamie.Gulley@seiuhcmn.org